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The Wild Alaskan Blog

A resource for information on how to prep, handle and cook wild seafood. Everything from recipe inspiration, flavor profiles, marinades and culinary techniques — to beverage pairings, hosting ideas and how to always make the most of your wild-caught cuts.

Wild-caught seafood is a nutritional powerhouse. Loaded with potent anti-inflammatory fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and high in lean protein, wild-caught species such as salmon, cod and halibut are the superfood of the sea.

When it comes to cooking and enjoying seafood, we’re of the school that knowledge and awareness are just as key as taste and texture. Here, you can learn more about all the different species we offer.

We want to live in a world driven by the synchrony of nature, in which one of the most basic, primal acts — the consumption of food — exists in perfect concert with the natural cycles of the planet.

Welcome to Alaska, a special place that serves as the gold standard of environmental awareness and pride, where the tenets of sustainability are actually written into the state’s constitution.

Equal parts culinary insights, philosophical musings, meditations on the maritime and Alaskan family pride, Anchor Points is an archive of personal letters written by our founder's wife to our members — with the heartfelt mission to inform and inspire.