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Here’s Why a Monthly Seafood Program is the Nutrition Hack Every Parent Needs


Health + Wellness

Maximizing a Wild Seafood Membership for Optimal Family Health

Encouraging kids to eat a balanced, healthy diet can be a never-ending struggle, which is why so many parents resort to the not-so-healthy classics like chicken nuggets and grilled cheese. But there is a nutrition hack that can make your family meal planning a little easier, and a lot healthier — a monthly seafood program.

Lean protein is an especially crucial ingredient for children, who are developing rapidly and need the important brain-boosting vitamins found in protein, such as fresh seafood.

In fact, the USDA suggests that “Americans eat a variety of protein foods, including at least two servings of seafood per week,” which translates to approximately 8 ounces of fish and shellfish per week, based on the 2015-20 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Convenience is Key

Schlepping to the supermarket for last minute ingredients while your kids are hungry and cranky and super demanding is just not realistic. Which is why having healthy, nutritious and fresh foods in stock regularly is crucial. If the first food item you see is a fresh fillet of wild-caught salmon, you’ll be more inclined to craft a meal that is not only good, but also something you can feel good about serving to your family.

Healthy Choices Delivered to Your Door

With a monthly seafood subscription service you will have healthy fish choices delivered right to your door. No fuss, no extra effort and no last minute trips to the market. A membership gets you wild-caught seafood every month or every other month depending on your needs, so you’ll always have a stocked freezer with ready-to-prepare options.

Meal in Minutes

Did you know that cooking fish is actually easier than cooking most other sources of protein? In fact, it’s far easier and more time-effective to prepare fresh fish than it is to make an egg. Yes, an egg. If you’re pressed for time or patience you can whip up a pan-seared salmon dish in less than 7 minutes. These tips can help you prepare fish to perfection with minimal effort and minimal time.


If you think that high-quality fish is reserved for fancy dinners, guess again. Fish is a perfect ingredient in virtually any meal from breakfast to dinner. Salmon and eggs is always a winner. Salmon fish sticks for lunch never disappoint. And for dinner a simple filet of oven-roasted salmon with fresh vegetables will be filling and nutrient-dense.

And even better, a seafood box containing more than one species of fish each month will give you a wider range of options for your recipes and meals of choice, so you’ll be serving healthy and exciting meals on a daily basis, and for every meal.

The Ultimate Brain Food for Kids

Kids are still developing at a rapid pace and in an irreversible way. What they eat as children, even as babies, will impact their brain development not only today, but also for the rest of their lives. According to Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D., associate director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College, “for your child’s brain as for your own, food plays a critical role. Your baby needs the most nutrient-dense foods that you can get your hands on.” reports Mind Body Green.

Wild Salmon is a Brain Boosting Food

Wild salmon is not only a super clean protein, but it is some of the most nutritionally dense food you can feed a child, especially for their brain development. It’s been proven to have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in the form of cognitively beneficial DHA. And increased fish consumption has been linked to better sleep habits among children, which has been linked to higher IQ scores.

Other Species of Fish are Also Key for Brain Development

Other fish such as halibut and cod have also been shown to offer similar nutritional benefits in the brain development department. The bottom line: fish that are high in essential proteins and fatty acids will help your children lead healthy lifestyles while also supporting cognitive development as they grow.

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